En Yaacob has been taking Alpha Lipid as he is health-conscious. One morning, back in his village he was attacked by a swarm of bees. He rushed back home to take a bath when he felt hot all over. He asked his son to take out the sting and managed to pull out quite a lot. Luckily his antibody is so strong that he didn't need to go to the hospital or clinic for treatment. Indeed Alpha Lipid will increase your immunity to fight against illnesses.

"Unable To Conceive"
Puan Suriani was married for 7 years but was still childless. After she and her husband tried Alpha Lipid for 3 to 4 months she became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby in the middle of 2007. Congratulations!

"Skin Disease"
Puan Suhaila had suffered from sensitive skin for 20 years and was unable to take or even touch seafood. After taking Alpha Lipid she can now enjoy her favorite seafood especially Tomyam and is no longer sad to see others enjoying it. 

"Brain food"
His friend named Puan Suriani gives Alpha Lipid to her son. One day he came back from school and announced happily that he had gotten number 1 in class. Puan Suriani cried tears of happiness because her eldest had never gotten less than number ten before. What mother isn't ecstatic with her child's excellent achievement.

"Asthma and Brain Food"
Puan Hairani had suffered from Asthma since her school days and had been taking medications regularly. After taking Alpha Lipid her asthma is cured.

Puan Hairani also gives
 Alpha Lipid to her children and finds that their academic performance has improved so significantly. From number 30 her son recently got number 4 in class and he claims that "studying is so much easier now".

"Stiff Joints and Skin Problems"
He is 56 and has suffered from stiff joints since 1995. He also experienced a chronic skin problems and itchiness. After taking Alpha Lipid, he is very satisfied with the result as the stiffness lessened and his skin problems gone.

Many of his friends have noticed the difference and they also couldn't wait to try the product.

"Got involved in an accident - in a coma for 4 days - became a cripple"
Mrs Ros still vividly remembers the tragedy that occurred on 15 Syaaban 1428 (28 August 2007). That evening her son who was fasting asked for RM 5 to buy some food to eat with his friends during the breakfasting time. However, after some time, he still had not returned home.

Her husband went to a shop nearby and on his way he saw an accident and was shocked to see the person lying unconscious was his own son. At the hospital the doctor said his son only got a 50 percent chance to live. He was in a coma for 4 days. Afterwards the doctor confirmed that he would be a cripple for life.
She was thankful that after using Alpha Lipid, her son has totally recovered as if he has never been involved in an accident.

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